About Us


Story Sylwester, Coordination. Story is an MSc student in palaeopathology, studying the history of disease through skeletons at Durham University. She completed her BA in anthropology from Portland State, during which time she travelled to a reserve in southern Florida to observe and record the behavior of various lemur species.

Marsha Nicholson, Outreach. Marsha brings 20 years of experience managing people and events for nonprofit organizations in Washington DC, New York, and, after earning her MA from Kings College in 2015, London. She also acts as Hammersmith and Fulham Area Coordinator for Open Garden Squares. Marsha credits Mister Spock for her life-long enthusiasm for science, and apologizes profusely on behalf of the minority of voters in her native country.

Nat Whalley, Event Coordination. Nat is a campaigner with a wealth of experience from her time working at 38 Degrees, Save the Children and Avaaz. One of the campaigns Nat lead was a big push for evidence based decision making around the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. She is passionate about science and lives with a PhD student working in biochemistry. In her spare time you can find her singing with her show choir.

Sophie Randles-Dunkley, Volunteers. Sophie is a charity professional with 15 years’ experience running charity volunteer events including recruiting and managing volunteers at large outdoor fundraising events. For the last 7 years she has directed a small music festival run entirely by a volunteer crew of approx 300. In a former life she was a biologist, gaining degrees from the University of Bath and Imperial College London.

Vanessa Furey, Publicity. Since starting at Amnesty International UK, Vanessa has spent the last 11 years leading public campaigns in the charity sector for a number of major national and international NGOs. In her spare time she is one of the organisers of the London Charity Softball League and in 2013 launched a campaign, including coordinating legal action, that successfully saw the Royal Parks remove fees to play sport in Hyde Park. Vanessa’s plans to study Astrophysics were sadly derailed when she didn’t get on with her A-level physics teacher. Now she enjoys every science documentary she can get her hands on.

Kimberley Bartholomew, Media. Kimberley is a former Meteorologist turned TV Producer. For the last six years she has worked on science documentaries for the BBC, Discovery Science, and National Geographic Channels. As Media Lead, Kimberley is overseeing the video output for the London March.

Graham Turton-Jones, Digital Strategy Coordinator. Graham is a Digital Marketing specialist with 8 years’ experience. Science enthusiast with background in Psychology. First foray into charity/activism work.

Kate Proshansky, Social Media Coordinator. Kate is a native New Yorker who has lived in London for the past 6 years. She earned her BA in History from Richmond, the American International University in London. She still studies outside of a University setting; her fields of interest include historical pseudoscience fads, urban planning, and architecture.

Joseph Sweeney, Graphic Design. Joseph has 15 years of graphic design experience working on event marketing as well as scientific infographics. He has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a master’s in Intelligence Analysis.

Stephanie Davey, moderation and admin. Stephanie is a psychology student and freelance editor. She has experience moderating online spaces within the science community, and is a passionate advocate of women in STEM.

Darren Thomas, website (front end/design). Darren is a freelance front-end web developer and is currently studying for a Computer Science degree. He has over 8 years working with specialist data. In his spare time Darren loves to let loose behind the drum kit.

Rebecca Rahi, event logistics. Rebecca is a psychology graduate, model, and activist who has always been a passionate advocate for evidence based policy making. She is endlessly passionate about equality, and understands that science plays a crucial role in creating a happier, more equal and generally more amazing world.