Science Museums and Centres across the UK

Visit a science museum or an interactive science centre – we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting Science Museums and Centres across the UK.

1. The Science Museum, London –

2. The Natural History Museum, London –

3. At-Bristol, Bristol –

4. Techniquest Science Discovery Centre, Cardiff –

5. Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh –

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20 great popular science feeds / individuals on Twitter

1. Wired Science (@WIREDScience): Popular science magazine and website which highlights how technology changes aspects of our lives, from culture to business, science and design.

2. Students 4 Best Evidence (@Students4BE): A growing network of students engaging globally in evidence-based healthcare.

3. Cochrane (@cochranecollab): A global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health. Cochrane gather and summarise the best evidence from research to help these people make informed choices about treatment.

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News update

The March for Science London takes place on Saturday 22nd April a month on from the terror attack in Westminster. As a mark of respect, during the rally in Parliament Square, we will hold a minutes silence for those who lost their lives and those who were injured.

We have been in discussions with the Met Police and we can confirm that the march will go ahead as planned. March for Science London are doing everything possible to ensure the public’s safety, whilst keeping the march an open and inclusive event that celebrates science.

Acts like these are designed to scare us, but London has already shown it will not be cowed and we have seen thousands turn out on the cities streets over the last week in defiance – from vigils to marches, to nights out with friends, we are London – and this is our city.

London is a place where over the years science has flourished. It is home to world-class institutions, from the Royal Society to the Wellcome Trust, and countless universities pioneering new discoveries. Science is founded on reason and facts, but advances are only made possible through the collaboration of individuals from all backgrounds, across borders and generations. All are in the search of answers to the biggest questions about how our world works. Each seeks to improve our understanding and the way we live.

We urge you to join us next month, to stand together and celebrate the role that the science has played in our lives, as well as role the city we love has played in the advancement of scientific inquiry. We also encourage those attending to pay their respects.

Film campaign

We want to immortalise your part in the London March for Science by adding your voice to the short films we produce.

We want to know what science means to you. So we’re asking you to send in a video clip of yourself completing one, two, or all of the following sentences:

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